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HYMER ML-T 570 CrossOver 4X4

Hymer ML-T 570 CrossOver 4X4 is the perfect mobile home where you’ll feel comfortable in any weather, experiencing luxury travel on the roads of Lapland. This vehicle fits 3 passengers, typically you and your friend or a couple. It boasts comfortable features and interiors and is also equipped with all essentials for your stay.

With Hymer we provide:

  • Driver
  • Comfortable black interior with leather seats for three passengers (table included)
  • Several charging ports for all your devices such as cameras, laptops and phones
  • Multiple skylights for admiring the Northern Lights
  • Fridge and freezer for your use, snacks and cold drinks provided
  • Interior heating system throughout the stay – even when parked! (We’ve traveled in -40-degrees with comfortable +25 degrees inside) 
  • Efficient alarm system (your belongings are safe with us!)
  • Snowshoes 
  • TV/screen
  • Headlamps
  • Gas stove
  • Overalls for outdoor excursions (coming soon!)
  • Tripods
  • Camera gear may be rented (we have the best Nikon and Sony sets)
  • Beds for all if needed

You can book this luxury motorhome journey for one night, three nights, or even longer. We may adjust your stay and accommodation (hotels / luxury cabins / Hymer) according to your wish. This four-wheel drive will take you on the best of adventures and also give you a taste of how to experience the wilderness!

VOLVO XC90 T8 4WD Hybrid

Volvo XC90 T8 4WD Hybrid is the amazingly agile premium SUV for comfortable group outings.

This vehicle fits 6 passengers and is perfectly made for fast one night northern light huntings and is equipped with panoramic skylight and comfortable leather seats.

It is a quiet, safe, warm and nice hybrid, emphasizing environmental friendliness. This four-wheel drive vehicle will take you fast on our journey towards the bestest of Northern Lights!

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